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Experience comprehensive diabetes care in Chennai at Diachek Sugar Control Clinic. Benefit from expert consultation, advanced diagnostics, and personalized treatment for a sweeter life.

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Diachek Sugar Control Clinic 30, Sait Colony 1st St, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008
    36 reviews

Diachek delivers expert consultation, diagnostics, and personalized treatment for effective diabetes management.


Diachek's walk-in clinic in Chennai ensures easy accessibility for prompt care.


Diachek prioritizes minimal waiting, providing timely attention to patients' needs.


Diachek Sugar Control Clinic is a walk-in clinic , owned and managed by Dr K S Pradeep , as a part of his efforts in creating awareness and ensuring the general health of diabetic patients. Assisted by an able team, Diachek offers diabetic consultation along with diagnostic facilities and screening of diabetic complications. It ensures quality care while being sensitive to the patients' needs and promises a short waiting time.

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  • Excellent facilities right from reception, waiting area, sample collection area, foot care clinic, canteen and of course the consultation room... Reports are provided promptly and consultation by Dr. Pradeep is icing on the cake.

    Tejas Kalaria Avatar Tejas Kalaria

    Wonderful doctor. His approach and guidance are worthy of emulation by other doctors too. He is very communicative and very patiently explains the pros and cons of each medication. Kudos!!

    Padma N Avatar Padma N
  • Very disciplined nd extremely particular abt cleanliness nd decorum. Specialised lab facilities nd reports r provided promptly. Treatment nd prompt care is provided regularly. Precise opinion is given nd practical diet is provided tat can b followed easily. My husband is taking treatment from the same place and has good improvement in health.

    Annapurna anu Avatar Annapurna anu

    Wonderful Hospitality, Good care.

    Alex Raja Udhayakumar Avatar Alex Raja Udhayakumar
  • Amazing care by Dr. of the best for diabetes

    Bharath Ram Avatar Bharath Ram

    Practical advice by Dr. Pradeep with personal care. Clinic with all facility including lab and they also provide breakfast so that you do not have to go out and come back for PP checking. One stop for all your diabetic needs from diet to diabetic friendly footwear.

    poornima pn Avatar poornima pn
  • Dr. Pradeep is awesome...his patient care is commendable.

    Vijita Mehta Avatar Vijita Mehta

    Excellent facilities in clinic,I came for my mother.first time she felt free to talk with diabetologist because of politeness and excellent caretaker of Dr.paradep.My mother is praising him and he gave a good advise as like her son...Good job Dr.pradep.I wish him to continue like this.

    arun s Avatar arun s
  • Good atmosphere and excellent consultation.

    SUBBUDASS M (Sjmuthu) Avatar SUBBUDASS M (Sjmuthu)

    Excellent Doctor Advice Reception List Best Care Wonder Full Service

    Suresh K Avatar Suresh K

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